Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ombre Hair

I may be slow on the draw with this new hair trend, after all, I'm more of a retro goddess than a trendy maven.  But this is one trend that I may be able to embrace.

When done well, this look is 'stop you in your tracks' gorgeous. You'll know when you see it. At first I thought this looked best with punky colours, it is easiest to do it this way. Bleach your ends (unless you're blonde) and dye your tips a fun colour. When you get sick of it, get a hair cut!

But I've seen some "natural" hues with this technique, and they are breathtaking. A natural look may be more difficult to pull off, as you need to be very careful of colour selection and application, lest you look like you are growing out your roots. But take a look at these beauties.

Check out "Lauren Does Hair" for more info on this hot trend!

So what do you think?
Is the Ombre Hair trend a do or a don't?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tea Time for the Birds!

This week's theme is Tea Time!

I found this bird feeder tutorial at Cap Creations. I slightly altered the materials used. Copper pipe is EXPENSIVE! And copper probably looks better, but for my birdy tea party we used 1" PVC pipe end caps and 3/4" black steal pipes. Much less expensive, especially if you are making several, and we are all crafty types here, so making 1 just will not do!

The kids and I all picked out our own tea cups at our favourite thrift store and then hit our local hardware store for the pipe, end cap (both found in the plumbing section) and super all-weather glue. We glued the cups to the saucers, carefully following the directions on the glue, and once that was dry the end caps were glued to the bottom of the saucer.

Water goes in the cup, and bird seed goes on the saucer! Viola!