Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dress the Part II

Today we will explore the world of pre-made retro togs.

My all time FAVOURITE place to shop are my local thrift stores… for those of you who don't have good shops I have the following suggestions.

For authentic clothes, the #1 best place online that I've found is Etsy.com

You can find nearly anything in any size if you are patient enough to search for it.

I've even found plus size vintage clothes:

1940's Dress
Current Size 18W-20W
1940-50's dress
Current Size 18W, Misses 20

1930's Day Dress
Current Size 26W-28W
1940's WWII Dress
Current Size Misses 14-16

To search for these and more vintage clothing items on Etsy, be sure to search in the vintage category. For example… Here is a search for a vintage extra large dress
A great resource for a modern take on vintage clothes is an online shop called ModCloth.
Unfortunately, most of their clothes are too small for me, but none the less, check this out!

Below are some of my fav. Modcloth finds!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dress the Part

Sometimes finding vintage togs to fit modern bodies is next to impossible. Most of the clothes I've found from the early 20th century that are in good wearable condition are too small for me to wear. Not a problem that's new to me, at 6 feet tall I am an expert at finding clothes that DON'T fit.

But today, with the internet and reproduction patterns, this is slightly less of a challenge.

First up: Reproduction Patterns

Authentic 1940's Pattern
Reproduction of 1940's Pattern

My Great Uncle James Watt loved antiques. I always loved going to his house, it was chock full of antique furniture and collectibles. (That may have influenced my current love for all things early- mid twentieth century.) One thing that Uncle Jim said that has always stuck with me is this, "Don't buy antique furniture for practical living - stick with reproductions." He felt that antiques had their place as display pieces, or as art. But modern living is just too rough and tumble for delicate antiques. I believe the same goes for antique clothing.  Authentic period clothes can be amazing and beautiful. Some are even durable for modern use. But most, are best kept as study pieces for display and to aid in learning historical sewing techniques and reproduction pattern making. 

For clothes that will last and will not break your heart if they get damaged from use, stick to reproductions. And to be sure that you are getting both the quality of workmanship and fine materials I present to you the option of reproduction patterns!

Authentic historic patterns can be an amazing find, but keep in mind that terminology and sewing techniques have changed quite a bit over the last several decades.

Butterick B5152
Vogue V1043

Click on any image to find the resource to find that pattern.

Tomorrow we will look for finished authentic and reproduction clothing.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Retro Diva's Best Friend

I was scouring the net this week looking for cool vintage images to play with when I found Ms. Casey Brown's blog "Elegant Musings." People, this girl is my alter ego.

Not only does she have an AWESOME blog that is chock full of retro living tutorials but she also does tutorial VIDEOS people! How this girl has not landed a television show is beyond my imaginings.

Check out this video on how to give yourself a quick and easy 1940s 'do, then go to her blog and be amazed!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Altered Art: Domino Pendants!

There is a new craft that has my Monkeys jumping! 

These are so easy to make you won't believe it! My mother found some awesome sites that showed us how to create these beautiful pendants.

These were all made by my almost 4 year old son!

If you love our pendants and want to make your own try the links below for 'how-to' guides.

Check it out!