Friday, September 24, 2010

A Tale to Tell

My Halloween Mask placed 9th in Spoonflower's weekly design contest. I had such fun designing and making my masks that I attached a story to them. You can find the fabric version of The Lunar Moth and the Monarch Butterfly at Spoonflower by clicking here.

I'm also including 2 free printout masks for your very own use (see below)! Just click on the image to get the full size version, then right click and save! Should print on standard size paper.

And now for our story…

Once upon a time...
There were two lovers. Their love was pure and true. A scorned witch became jealous of their glory and cast a dark spell upon them.
One became a phantom of the night. With wings as enchanting as the moon.
The other was a slave to daylight, forever languishing in the sparkling sun.
The lovers only saw each other in the fleeting moments between wakefulness and dreams, as the sun and moon shared dominion over the sky.
The witch, no longer jealous, saw the anguish of their fate and wept.
The spell had brought only more pain to an already scorched heart. In despair the witch became the softest breeze. An eternal penence to caress and soothe the pain that was wrought.

Thus is the tale of the Lunar Moth and the Monarch Butterfly.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jewel Tones are In!

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2010

I came across some articles on the fashion world's hot colours for Autumn. Think rich jewel tones. They are absolutely stunning! So get out there and start shopping for royal blues, deep purples, rich reds and don't forget gorgeous green. The hot pairing for each of these colours is basic black - it really makes the colour POP!

Happy Shopping!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Favourite Blogs

Last weekend I was at a friend's wedding and was able to PAR-TAY with some good friends from college. The topic of conversation made its way to blogs and I promised to post some of my favourite blogs that I've found and read.

1) How About Orange - I check this blog about every other day, which is great, b/c that's about as often as Jessica Jones, graphic & textile designer extraordinaire, publishes a new post. She has all sorts of links and tid-bits about crafts and design.

2) This Mama Makes Stuff - This blog I check in with about once a week. It is well stocked with crafts and altered art (and clothing!) Carrie Lundell publishes this blog and, honestly, I don't know when the woman sleeps. She is a runner, biker, great mom and is CONTINUALLY crafting and blogging. When I grow up I want to be Carrie.

3) Things Your Grandmother Knew - I have to be careful about reading THIS blog. I tend to get sucked in, and read until my eyeballs ache. I don't know who manages this blog, but they are right up my ally when it comes to retro living and vintage chic.

These are, or course, not the ONLY blogs I read. I'll post more each week!
Enjoy for now!